When might a patient require a pacemaker?

Many patients are aware of how a pacemaker works. This special implant is placed into the body to help people who have difficulty maintaining a natural and appropriate heartbeat pattern. Pacemakers can extend one’s life span dramatically, ensuring that they have many more years ahead of them! However, many patients are unsure at which point they may require a pacemaker or when their condition can continue without intervention.

What is a pacemaker and how does it work?

The doctors at CVAM describe the pacemaker as a special pulse generator that is implanted into the chest area. This battery-powered device is used along with electrodes, or insulated wires that are attached to the heart. The pacemaker will detect if there is an abnormal electrical activity of the heart, and deliver an appropriately-timed shock to the heart to bring it back into its normal rhythm. In most situations, a pacemaker is used to speed up slower heart rates in patients, though it can also be used in those who have too fast of a heart rate. A fast heartbeat can keep the chambers of the heart from filling up with enough blood and impacting circulation. By normalizing the heart rhythm, patients can function at their best each and every day!

Who needs a pacemaker?

Many patients who are told they have an irregular heartbeat might want to know if they are in need of a pacemaker. If the condition is chronic or impacts one’s quality of life, it may be time to consider the placement of a pacemaker. It can also help patients who take heart-slowing medications (beta blockers), have heart disease, or are aging. A doctor will determine if a patient will benefit from a pacemaker to maintain a regular heartbeat.

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