The benefits of tilt-table

Patients who are experiencing light-headedness or feeling faint on a regular basis will need to be tested to find the cause of the issue. In many cases, a cardiologist may recommend performing a diagnostic test known as a tilt-table test.

Understanding the tilt-table test

The doctors of CVAM of Mesa, AZ describes the tilt-table test as a diagnostic tool used to evaluate a patient to determine the cause of feeling faint or lightheaded. It can be utilized in determining if fainting is from blood pressure problems or abnormal heart rate control. During the test, patients will rest on a specialized table that can elevate the head above the rest of the body to take diagnostic measurements of heart rate and blood pressure. Alternatively, it may be discovered that these feelings of lightheadedness are occurring due to side effects of certain medications, which may be adjusted if these experiences happen regularly.

Are there any risks that come along with the tilt-table test?

The tilt-table test has very few risks. It is actually rare for patients to faint during this test, as they are closely monitored throughout. Even if it does occur, it is handled safely in the hands of our medical staff at CVAM. Patients may also feel unusual after their testing, so we recommend resting in a recovery room afterwards as we continue to monitor a patient’s vitals. After the diagnostic testing, most patients can drive a vehicle and return to their day without interruption. There are few instances when patients need to remain at our practice for further assessment before being released.

Learn more about the tilt-table test with the team at CVAM

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