“Everything in the Universe has a Rhythm, Everything Dances”

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances” Maya Angelou

Why should your heart be any different!?!?!? If it’s gonna dance make it a slow dance – calm, collected and smooth.

When we discuss a rhythm control strategy for managing atrial fibrillation (afib) as previously mentioned we make a concerted effort to restore and maintain sinus (normal) rhythm today we will begin to highlight these approaches….

Electrical Cardioversion – 
You may or may not realize you have seen this many times before, it’s done (almost always) wrong on every medical themed TV show you have ever watched… 

Rest assured, this is ACTUALLY done in a controlled environment. You will be sedated and once asleep using either pads(stickers) or paddles you will be given a timed electrical shock to “reset” the heart and restore normal rhythm.

It’s a safe and effective (at least temporarily) procedure. The biggest drawback with cardioversion – it does nothing to prevent/decrease the likelihood of the afib reoccurring.

If you or a loved one has symptoms of atrial fibrillation, make an appointment for a health checkup. You may be referred to a doctor like me trained in cardiac arrhythmias, called an Electrophysiologist.

You are not alone!!

Stay tuned for more to come!

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