Wireless Telemetry

What is Wireless Telemetry?

Wireless Telemetry is a continuous recording of your heart rhythm while wearing a monitor that transmits to a cell tower. You will carry a lightweight monitor with three wires attached to your chest for 14 days. You will also carry a cell phone that will automatically transmit the information to our monitoring center. The monitoring center sends us daily reports of your heart activity. The daily reports are read by our staff every day and sent to your physician for review.

What does Wireless Telemetry show?

Wireless Telemetry will show your heart rate and rhythm 24 hours a day for the 14 day period. This will detect any arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats) that the doctor suspects. During an arrhythmia the heart may beat too fast, too slowly or irregularly. Doctors can diagnose an arrhythmia, which does not occur frequently, by ordering wireless telemetry.

What do I need to do while wearing the Monitor?

Always carry the cell phone and monitor with you. Keep the electrodes and wires attached at all times unless you remove for showering/bathing.

Do not shower or get the monitor wet in any way. You must remove the equipment before showering, bathing or swimming. Do not damage or lose the monitor or you will be susceptible to fees. You will return the monitor at the day/time you were scheduled for the removal. A CVAM staff member will inspect the equipment while you are present. When will I know the results of my test? The results will be given to you by your physician at your next follow-up appointment.