Dr. Ambrosia – Podcast – Use of Instantaneous Wave-Free Ratio (iFR) in Multivessel Coronary Disease

alphonse ambrosia doOne of CVAM’s interventional cardiologists, Dr. Alphonse Ambrosia D.O., had the pleasure of being a guest on Michael Cramer’s podcast for Philips.

In this podcast, they discuss a variety of topics around the use of iFR to diagnose and treat multivessel coronary disease. Dr. Ambrosia is one of the leading cardiologists in Mesa, Arizona who adopted this newer technology from the beginning.

They discuss the challenges and decisions Dr. Ambrosia makes daily. His thought process for each patient. He dives into the importance of iFR and how it builds a strong partnership with surgeons, giving a better plan for surgery.

In addition, they discuss the benefits of iFR, giving him precise information on stent placement, improves outcomes, saves time, and reduces the patient’s discomfort.

Lastly, Ambrosia explains how well iFR makes his conversations with patients and family when discussing blockages, and the best course of action on improving blood flow and creating a better quality of life.

Take a few minutes to listen to the full podcast right here:

iFR Philips Podcast