Carotid Duplex

What is a Carotid Duplex?
A Carotid Duplex Scan provides a two-dimensional ultrasound image of the carotid arteries in the neck. The study is referred to as duplex because it uses two types of ultrasound, Doppler and B-mode, to view the arteries as well as the speed and direction of the blood flow from the heart through the neck to the brain.

Why is a Carotid Duplex done?
A Carotid Ultrasound gives doctors information about the arteries in the neck:

  • The blood flow through the arteries to the face and brain.
  • The presence of plaque within the arteries.
  • The cause of “bruits”, a blood flow murmur heard by the doctor.

What can I expect during the Carotid Duplex?
A clear gel will be placed on your neck, and the technologist will scan your arteries with a transducer (a microphone-like device) that will show pictures of the arteries and listen to the blood flow within them.

When will I know the results of my test?
Your cardiologist will review the findings of the Carotid Ultrasound with you on your next office visit. Make sure that you have a follow-up appointment scheduled as the results of this test cannot be given over the telephone.

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